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                                    UPDATED JUNE 15, 2010

PJ PURRS has recently made the difficult decision to discontinue our breeding program and close our little cattery.     The past thirty years have seen many beautiful kittens come into our home and bless our lives and then in turn bless the lives of their new owners.    We have made many special friends and been able to provide them with the little fur bundles of love they were looking for.

However,   after all these years,    we feel it is time to turn our focus elsewhere.     All our breeding kitties are now spayed/neutered,    and will live out the rest of their lives in our home as pampered pets.

Below are some of our favorite pictures of past kittens,    and we trust you will continue to enjoy looking through our website at our special kitties.



Pictured below are some P-J PURRS babies from recent litters. These kittens are no longer available, but are happily living with their new owners in their  forever homes.


Shannie",   a bluepoint girl (above) has now gone to a special pet home in Lewiston,   Idaho.    "Shannie" is our little miracle kitten who survived and thrived against all odds.    She is now much loved in her new home.


Sealpoint girl "Jitterbug" (above) has now gone to her new home in Alaska.



"Mickey",  a bluepoint boy (above) lives in Spokane,   WA


 "Oliver" (left) a sealpoint boy,   now lives in Portland.   "Coco" (right),  a sealpoint girl,   lives with her family in Seattle.


"Chance" (above),  a sealpoint boy,   now lives in Spokane,  WA


"Victoria",   a sealpoint girl,   and "Belle" a bluecreampoint girl (above) now live in the Seattle area with their proud parents.    They are growing into beautiful young ladies.


"Brownie ala Mode",   "Robert",   and "Mushue Blue" (above) are living with their new owners in Washington state.

Pictured above is "Kasey",   a flamepoint boy living in the Seattle area.   "Violet" (right) also lives in the Seattle area.